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Country: Canada
Province: Nova Scotia
Searches: 10
Safe votes: 7
Unsafe votes: 22
Comments: 2
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Cities for Area Code 902

Advocate Alberton Amherst Annapolis Royal Antigonish Argyle Arichat Aylesford Baddeck Barrington Bass River Bear River Berwick Blandford Boisdale Borden Boularderie Bridgetown Bridgewater Brookfield Brooklyn Caledonia Canning Canso Cardigan Carleton Charlottetown Chelsea Chester Cheticamp Cheverie Chezzetcook Clarkes Harbor Clarksville Collingwood Country Harbour Covehead Crapaud Debert Digby Dingwall East Bay Ecum Secum Eldon Elmsdale Eskasoni French Village Gabarus Georgetown Glace Bay Goshen Grand Narrows Great Village Guys Borough Halifax Hantsport Heatherton Hopewell Hubbards Hunter River Ingonish Inverness Kennetcook Kentville Kenzieville Ketch Harbour Kingston La Have Lake Charlotte Lardoise Larrys River Lawrencetown Liscombe Liverpool Lockeport Louisbourg Louisdale Lunenburg Mabou Maccan Mahone Bay Maitland Margaree Forks Margaree Harbor Marion Bridge Melrose Merigomish Meteghan Middleton Mill Village Monastery Montague Morell St Peters Mount Stewart Mount Uniacke Mulgrave Murray River Musquodoboit Musquodoboit Harbour Neils Harbour New Germany New Glasgow New London New Ross New Waterford Newcastle Noel Oxford Parrsboro Pictou Port Bickerton Port Dufferin Port Greville Port Hawkesbury Bay Port Hood Port Maitland Port Morien Port Mouton Prospect Road Pubnico Pugwash Queensport River Herbert River John Riverport Rusticoville Sackville Saint Anns Bay Saint Margarets Saint Peters Saltsprings Sandy Cove Saulnierville Sheet Harbor Shelburne Sherbrooke Shubenacadie Souris South Hampton Springfield Springhill Stewiacke Summerside Sydney Tangier Tatamagouche Thorburn Tignish Truro Tusket Upper Musquodoboit Upper Stewiacke Wallace Walton Waverley Wedgeport Wentworth Weymouth Whycocomagh Windsor Wolfville Woods Harbour Yarmouth

OTHER Area Codes For Nova Scotia

782 902

Last votes

Phone Number Last vote
902-200-6881 Mar 07, 2018 20:53 PM
902-200-4892 Mar 01, 2018 21:21 PM
902-492-2182 Feb 26, 2018 15:56 PM
902-200-2082 Feb 24, 2018 15:14 PM
902-200-1017 Feb 18, 2018 19:00 PM
902-200-6899 Jan 31, 2018 21:11 PM
902-200-3862 Jan 31, 2018 14:26 PM
902-200-9005 Jan 26, 2018 10:31 AM
902-600-7056 Nov 20, 2017 04:34 AM
902-595-0926 Oct 24, 2017 11:15 AM

Top 10 Searches

Phone Number Date / Time
902-492-2182 Mar 19, 2018 16:26 PM
902-200-0240 Feb 03, 2018 17:41 PM
902-999-8589 Mar 17, 2018 09:44 AM
902-418-9498 Mar 07, 2018 12:25 PM
902-200-0128 Jan 23, 2018 18:59 PM
902-200-3862 Mar 03, 2018 11:23 AM
902-999-8565 Mar 10, 2018 23:25 PM
902-200-0038 Jan 29, 2018 00:32 AM
902-200-0012 Jan 31, 2018 01:31 AM
902-200-0006 Feb 09, 2018 12:14 PM

902-206-XXXX Alberton
902-209-XXXX Halifax
902-214-XXXX Alberton
902-215-XXXX Souris
902-218-XXXX Charlottetown
902-219-XXXX Halifax
902-220-XXXX Halifax
902-221-XXXX Halifax
902-222-XXXX Halifax
902-223-XXXX Halifax
902-224-XXXX Cheticamp
902-225-XXXX Halifax
902-226-XXXX Arichat
902-227-XXXX Port Hawkesbury Bay
902-228-XXXX Blandford
902-229-XXXX Halifax
902-230-XXXX Collingwood
902-231-XXXX Alberton
902-232-XXXX Monastery
902-233-XXXX Halifax
902-234-XXXX Monastery
902-235-XXXX Margaree Harbor
902-236-XXXX Shubenacadie
902-237-XXXX Halifax
902-240-XXXX Halifax
902-241-XXXX Newcastle
902-242-XXXX Kingston
902-243-XXXX Pugwash
902-245-XXXX Digby
902-248-XXXX Margaree Forks
902-249-XXXX Digby
902-250-XXXX Digby
902-251-XXXX River Herbert
902-252-XXXX Sackville
902-253-XXXX Brooklyn
902-254-XXXX Parrsboro
902-255-XXXX East Bay
902-256-XXXX Mount Uniacke
902-257-XXXX Wallace
902-258-XXXX Inverness
902-259-XXXX Elmsdale
902-260-XXXX Saulnierville
902-261-XXXX Maitland
902-262-XXXX Saltsprings
902-265-XXXX Shelburne
902-266-XXXX Halifax
902-269-XXXX Boularderie
902-270-XXXX Sydney
902-272-XXXX Hopewell
902-273-XXXX Chester
902-275-XXXX Chester
902-276-XXXX Glace Bay
902-278-XXXX Meteghan
902-281-XXXX Chezzetcook
902-282-XXXX Lawrencetown
902-283-XXXX Georgetown
902-284-XXXX Sydney
902-285-XXXX Ingonish
902-286-XXXX Annapolis Royal
902-287-XXXX Mulgrave
902-288-XXXX Charlottetown
902-292-XXXX Halifax
902-294-XXXX Baddeck
902-295-XXXX Baddeck
902-296-XXXX Baddeck
902-297-XXXX Amherst
902-303-XXXX Summerside
902-312-XXXX Bridgetown
902-313-XXXX Montague
902-314-XXXX Charlottetown
902-322-XXXX Sydney
902-327-XXXX Souris
902-328-XXXX Country Harbour
902-334-XXXX Halifax
902-335-XXXX Cheticamp
902-336-XXXX Neils Harbour
902-340-XXXX Digby
902-341-XXXX Aylesford
902-344-XXXX Halifax
902-345-XXXX Louisdale
902-346-XXXX Ketch Harbour
902-347-XXXX Ecum Secum
902-348-XXXX Port Greville
902-350-XXXX Liverpool
902-351-XXXX River John
902-352-XXXX Hantsport
902-354-XXXX Liverpool
902-356-XXXX Liverpool
902-358-XXXX Queensport
902-362-XXXX Kennetcook
902-363-XXXX Middleton
902-364-XXXX Port Bickerton
902-365-XXXX Kentville
902-366-XXXX Canso
902-367-XXXX Charlottetown
902-369-XXXX Noel
902-371-XXXX Sydney
902-374-XXXX Summerside
902-375-XXXX Berwick
902-378-XXXX Digby
902-379-XXXX Eskasoni
902-382-XXXX Pictou
902-383-XXXX Dingwall
902-384-XXXX Musquodoboit
902-392-XXXX Advocate
902-396-XXXX New Glasgow
902-404-XXXX Halifax
902-405-XXXX Halifax
902-406-XXXX Halifax
902-407-XXXX Halifax
902-412-XXXX Halifax
902-420-XXXX Halifax
902-421-XXXX Halifax
902-422-XXXX Halifax
902-423-XXXX Halifax
902-424-XXXX Halifax
902-425-XXXX Halifax
902-426-XXXX Halifax
902-428-XXXX Halifax
902-429-XXXX Halifax
902-430-XXXX Halifax
902-431-XXXX Halifax
902-433-XXXX Halifax
902-434-XXXX Halifax
902-435-XXXX Halifax
902-442-XXXX Halifax
902-443-XXXX Halifax
902-444-XXXX Halifax
902-445-XXXX Halifax
902-446-XXXX Halifax
902-447-XXXX Oxford
902-448-XXXX Halifax
902-449-XXXX Halifax
902-450-XXXX Halifax
902-451-XXXX Halifax
902-452-XXXX Halifax
902-453-XXXX Halifax
902-454-XXXX Halifax
902-455-XXXX Halifax
902-456-XXXX Halifax
902-457-XXXX Halifax
902-460-XXXX Halifax
902-461-XXXX Halifax
902-462-XXXX Halifax
902-463-XXXX Halifax
902-464-XXXX Halifax
902-465-XXXX Halifax
902-466-XXXX Halifax
902-467-XXXX Bear River
902-468-XXXX Halifax
902-469-XXXX Halifax
902-471-XXXX Halifax
902-472-XXXX Windsor
902-473-XXXX Halifax
902-474-XXXX Halifax
902-475-XXXX Halifax
902-476-XXXX Halifax
902-477-XXXX Halifax
902-478-XXXX Halifax
902-479-XXXX Halifax
902-480-XXXX Halifax
902-481-XXXX Halifax
902-482-XXXX Halifax
902-483-XXXX Halifax
902-484-XXXX Halifax
902-485-XXXX Pictou
902-486-XXXX Halifax
902-488-XXXX Halifax
902-490-XXXX Halifax
902-491-XXXX Halifax
902-492-XXXX Halifax
902-493-XXXX Halifax
902-494-XXXX Halifax
902-495-XXXX Halifax
902-496-XXXX Halifax
902-499-XXXX Halifax
902-522-XXXX Sherbrooke
902-523-XXXX Bridgewater
902-524-XXXX Annapolis Royal
902-525-XXXX Larrys River
902-526-XXXX Annapolis Royal
902-527-XXXX Bridgewater
902-528-XXXX Walton
902-530-XXXX Bridgewater
902-531-XXXX Mahone Bay
902-532-XXXX Annapolis Royal
902-533-XXXX Guys Borough
902-535-XXXX Saint Peters
902-537-XXXX Sydney
902-538-XXXX Berwick
902-539-XXXX Sydney
902-542-XXXX Wolfville
902-543-XXXX Bridgewater
902-544-XXXX Newcastle
902-545-XXXX Maccan
902-546-XXXX South Hampton
902-547-XXXX Springfield
902-548-XXXX Wentworth
902-549-XXXX Sydney
902-552-XXXX Oxford
902-553-XXXX Bridgewater
902-560-XXXX Sydney
902-561-XXXX Sydney
902-562-XXXX Sydney
902-563-XXXX Sydney
902-564-XXXX Sydney
902-565-XXXX Sydney
902-566-XXXX Charlottetown
902-567-XXXX Sydney
902-568-XXXX Upper Musquodoboit
902-569-XXXX Charlottetown
902-572-XXXX Heatherton
902-574-XXXX Sydney
902-576-XXXX Waverley
902-577-XXXX Sydney
902-578-XXXX Sydney
902-582-XXXX Canning
902-583-XXXX Cardigan
902-584-XXXX Lawrencetown
902-586-XXXX Weymouth
902-587-XXXX Lardoise
902-588-XXXX Bridgetown
902-592-XXXX New Waterford
902-594-XXXX Arichat
902-595-XXXX Sydney
902-597-XXXX Springhill
902-622-XXXX Grand Narrows
902-624-XXXX Mahone Bay
902-625-XXXX Port Hawkesbury Bay
902-626-XXXX Charlottetown
902-627-XXXX Mahone Bay
902-628-XXXX Charlottetown
902-629-XXXX Charlottetown
902-632-XXXX Clarksville
902-633-XXXX Cheverie
902-634-XXXX Lunenburg
902-637-XXXX Barrington
902-638-XXXX Bear River
902-639-XXXX Stewiacke
902-640-XXXX Lunenburg
902-641-XXXX Debert
902-642-XXXX Liverpool
902-643-XXXX Argyle
902-644-XXXX New Germany
902-645-XXXX Meteghan
902-647-XXXX Bass River
902-648-XXXX Tusket
902-649-XXXX Port Maitland
902-654-XXXX Port Dufferin
902-655-XXXX Great Village
902-656-XXXX Lockeport
902-657-XXXX Tatamagouche
902-658-XXXX Crapaud
902-659-XXXX Eldon
902-660-XXXX Amherst
902-661-XXXX Amherst
902-662-XXXX Debert
902-663-XXXX Wedgeport
902-664-XXXX Amherst
902-665-XXXX Bridgetown
902-667-XXXX Amherst
902-668-XXXX Great Village
902-669-XXXX Amherst
902-670-XXXX Kentville
902-671-XXXX Upper Stewiacke
902-672-XXXX Covehead
902-673-XXXX Brookfield
902-674-XXXX Boularderie
902-677-XXXX Mill Village
902-678-XXXX Kentville
902-679-XXXX Kentville
902-680-XXXX Kentville
902-681-XXXX Kentville
902-682-XXXX Caledonia
902-683-XXXX Port Mouton
902-684-XXXX Hantsport
902-685-XXXX Chelsea
902-686-XXXX Collingwood
902-688-XXXX La Have
902-689-XXXX New Ross
902-690-XXXX Kentville
902-691-XXXX Kentville
902-693-XXXX La Have
902-695-XXXX New Glasgow
902-697-XXXX Wolfville
902-698-XXXX Kentville
902-701-XXXX Halifax
902-704-XXXX Halifax
902-720-XXXX Halifax
902-722-XXXX Halifax
902-723-XXXX Woods Harbour
902-724-XXXX Summerside
902-725-XXXX Grand Narrows
902-727-XXXX Marion Bridge
902-728-XXXX Parrsboro
902-729-XXXX Borden
902-731-XXXX Mount Stewart
902-733-XXXX Louisbourg
902-734-XXXX Hunter River
902-735-XXXX Antigonish
902-736-XXXX Newcastle
902-737-XXXX Port Morien
902-738-XXXX Port Hawkesbury Bay
902-739-XXXX Morell St Peters
902-742-XXXX Yarmouth
902-743-XXXX Souris
902-744-XXXX Parrsboro
902-745-XXXX Clarkes Harbor
902-747-XXXX Mulgrave
902-749-XXXX Yarmouth
902-750-XXXX Shubenacadie
902-752-XXXX New Glasgow
902-753-XXXX New Glasgow
902-755-XXXX New Glasgow
902-756-XXXX Whycocomagh
902-757-XXXX Brooklyn
902-758-XXXX Shubenacadie
902-759-XXXX New Glasgow
902-761-XXXX Carleton
902-762-XXXX Pubnico
902-763-XXXX Springhill
902-765-XXXX Kingston
902-766-XXXX Riverport
902-768-XXXX Barrington
902-769-XXXX Saulnierville
902-772-XXXX Tangier
902-773-XXXX Saulnierville
902-779-XXXX Liscombe
902-783-XXXX Goshen
902-787-XXXX Port Hood
902-791-XXXX Windsor
902-792-XXXX Windsor
902-794-XXXX Newcastle
902-796-XXXX Louisdale
902-798-XXXX Windsor
902-801-XXXX Halifax
902-802-XXXX Halifax
902-817-XXXX Halifax
902-818-XXXX Halifax
902-820-XXXX Saint Margarets
902-821-XXXX French Village
902-822-XXXX East Bay
902-823-XXXX French Village
902-824-XXXX Middleton
902-825-XXXX Middleton
902-826-XXXX Saint Margarets
902-827-XXXX Chezzetcook
902-828-XXXX East Bay
902-829-XXXX Halifax
902-830-XXXX Halifax
902-832-XXXX Halifax
902-833-XXXX Melrose
902-834-XXXX Sandy Cove
902-835-XXXX Halifax
902-837-XXXX Weymouth
902-842-XXXX Glace Bay
902-843-XXXX Truro
902-845-XXXX Lake Charlotte
902-847-XXXX Aylesford
902-849-XXXX Glace Bay
902-850-XXXX Prospect Road
902-852-XXXX Prospect Road
902-857-XXXX Hubbards
902-858-XXXX Hubbards
902-860-XXXX Waverley
902-861-XXXX Waverley
902-862-XXXX New Waterford
902-863-XXXX Antigonish
902-864-XXXX Sackville
902-865-XXXX Sackville
902-866-XXXX Mount Uniacke
902-867-XXXX Antigonish
902-868-XXXX Ketch Harbour
902-869-XXXX Sackville
902-871-XXXX Boisdale
902-872-XXXX Antigonish
902-873-XXXX Waverley
902-874-XXXX Shelburne
902-875-XXXX Shelburne
902-876-XXXX Halifax
902-877-XXXX Halifax
902-878-XXXX Musquodoboit Harbour
902-880-XXXX Halifax
902-881-XXXX Yarmouth
902-882-XXXX Tignish
902-883-XXXX Elmsdale
902-884-XXXX Gabarus
902-885-XXXX Sheet Harbor
902-886-XXXX New London
902-889-XXXX Musquodoboit Harbour
902-892-XXXX Charlottetown
902-893-XXXX Truro
902-895-XXXX Truro
902-896-XXXX Truro
902-897-XXXX Truro
902-922-XXXX Thorburn
902-923-XXXX Hopewell
902-924-XXXX Kenzieville
902-925-XXXX Saltsprings
902-926-XXXX Merigomish
902-928-XXXX New Glasgow
902-929-XXXX Saint Anns Bay
902-935-XXXX Mill Village
902-940-XXXX Charlottetown
902-945-XXXX Mabou
902-948-XXXX Charlottetown
902-951-XXXX Port Hawkesbury Bay
902-962-XXXX Murray River
902-963-XXXX Rusticoville
902-965-XXXX Wedgeport
902-982-XXXX Halifax