902-209-XXXX Halifax
902-219-XXXX Halifax
902-220-XXXX Halifax
902-221-XXXX Halifax
902-222-XXXX Halifax
902-223-XXXX Halifax
902-225-XXXX Halifax
902-229-XXXX Halifax
902-233-XXXX Halifax
902-237-XXXX Halifax
902-240-XXXX Halifax
902-266-XXXX Halifax
902-292-XXXX Halifax
902-334-XXXX Halifax
902-344-XXXX Halifax
902-404-XXXX Halifax
902-405-XXXX Halifax
902-406-XXXX Halifax
902-407-XXXX Halifax
902-412-XXXX Halifax
902-420-XXXX Halifax
902-421-XXXX Halifax
902-422-XXXX Halifax
902-423-XXXX Halifax
902-424-XXXX Halifax
902-425-XXXX Halifax
902-426-XXXX Halifax
902-428-XXXX Halifax
902-429-XXXX Halifax
902-430-XXXX Halifax
902-431-XXXX Halifax
902-433-XXXX Halifax
902-434-XXXX Halifax
902-435-XXXX Halifax
902-442-XXXX Halifax
902-443-XXXX Halifax
902-444-XXXX Halifax
902-445-XXXX Halifax
902-446-XXXX Halifax
902-448-XXXX Halifax
902-449-XXXX Halifax
902-450-XXXX Halifax
902-451-XXXX Halifax
902-452-XXXX Halifax
902-453-XXXX Halifax
902-454-XXXX Halifax
902-455-XXXX Halifax
902-456-XXXX Halifax
902-457-XXXX Halifax
902-460-XXXX Halifax
902-461-XXXX Halifax
902-462-XXXX Halifax
902-463-XXXX Halifax
902-464-XXXX Halifax
902-465-XXXX Halifax
902-466-XXXX Halifax
902-468-XXXX Halifax
902-469-XXXX Halifax
902-471-XXXX Halifax
902-473-XXXX Halifax
902-474-XXXX Halifax
902-475-XXXX Halifax
902-476-XXXX Halifax
902-477-XXXX Halifax
902-478-XXXX Halifax
902-479-XXXX Halifax
902-480-XXXX Halifax
902-481-XXXX Halifax
902-482-XXXX Halifax
902-483-XXXX Halifax
902-484-XXXX Halifax
902-486-XXXX Halifax
902-488-XXXX Halifax
902-490-XXXX Halifax
902-491-XXXX Halifax
902-492-XXXX Halifax
902-493-XXXX Halifax
902-494-XXXX Halifax
902-495-XXXX Halifax
902-496-XXXX Halifax
902-499-XXXX Halifax
902-701-XXXX Halifax
902-704-XXXX Halifax
902-720-XXXX Halifax
902-722-XXXX Halifax
902-801-XXXX Halifax
902-802-XXXX Halifax
902-817-XXXX Halifax
902-818-XXXX Halifax
902-829-XXXX Halifax
902-830-XXXX Halifax
902-832-XXXX Halifax
902-835-XXXX Halifax
902-876-XXXX Halifax
902-877-XXXX Halifax
902-880-XXXX Halifax
902-982-XXXX Halifax


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